SuperTalker Progressive Communicator

A communication device that's as flexible as you need to be

New version with new colour, improved sound and up to 25% more battery life! Available now!

SuperTalker Progressive Communicator - new version with new colour, improved sound and longer batter life! Click to see larger image.The SuperTalker Progressive Communicator is a powerful, yet easy to use voice output device designed to grow with your student. Unlike most personal communication tools on the market, SuperTalker can be configured in one, two, four and eight grid formats eliminating the need for your student to learn a new device as his or her needs change and abilities grow.

“The SuperTalker is easy to use and the self-storing keyguards and overlays helps to keep them from getting lost. Great concepts AbleNet!” K. James, OTR, Technology Resource Consultant, CA, USA

See larger image of the SuperTalker Progressive Communicator

What’s more, SuperTalker Progressive Communicator features 16 minutes of recording time and a total of eight levels of messaging capability. SuperTalker is even equipped with a special switch jack to allow single switch users to access a sequence of messages before learning to make their own selections. And Assistive Technology Specialists will find the SuperTalker particularly useful as a portable assessment tool.



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