Physical challenged


Physical disability (Physical challenges)

Key facts

Key facts on physical disability

Affects and adjustments

Common affects of physical disability at work

Remember! No two people with the same disability experience the same affects at work!

Employees with disability are not likely to have all the listed disability features OR affects at work! Most people have just a few of those listed; you'll only know by asking the person directly.

Here are some examples of how an employee with a physical disability may be affected at work. They may have difficulties with:

Possible workplace adjustments for people with physical disability

The following examples of workplace adjustments are only examples! These examples will not suit everybody.

In each case the best supports in the workplace can only be discovered through conversations between employer, employee and, if needed, a disability specific employment specialist.

Some examples of workplace adjustments that have been used for people with physical disability include:

For more information and suggestions on making workplace adjustments for employees with physical disability visit the government website Job Access at

Tips for communicating with people with physical disability




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